Support Agreement
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Customer Support Agreements are the most effective way of running your equipment at peak performance and eliminating the risk, cost, disruption and loss of revenue caused by unscheduled downtime.
Customer Support Agreements ensure your service, maintenance and repairs are performed by highly skilled, competent, trained professionals, giving you more time to concentrate on driving your business forward.
  • 10‭ ‬great reasons to choose Ezentus CSA
  • Increased uptime
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased potential revenue per machine
  • Optimized workshop and tooling utilization
  • Improved labor time allocation
  • Remove the coasts of maintenance scheduling and record keeping
  • Quality work from engineers trained by Caterpillar
  • Higher machine resale values
  • Plan ahead with greater confidence
  • More time to focus on your business
Share equipment maintenance responsibilities with Ezentus

The Inspection+ Service Agreement includes a highly specialized visual and technical equipment inspection as well as the required maintenance parts kits.
Every 1000 hours a detailed inspection report will be included describing the condition of your equipment as well as advanced warning of potential problems. 
Focus on your business rather than equipment maintenance

In addition to all the standard elements included in the Inspection+ Service Agreement, the Maintenance Service Agreement involves a highly skilled engineer who will perform all maintenance every 250 hours as detailed in the Caterpillar Operation and Maintenance Manual delivered with your equipment. 
Complete peace of mind

A Full Service Agreement provides you with complete ‘peace of mind’ and an end to the uncertainties of arranging and undertaking repair and maintenance, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your core business.
All the standard elements of the Maintenance Service Agreement are included, with the addition of planned overhauls and any unscheduled repairs.
All maintenance and repair is placed in the hands of Ezentus.