Spare Parts
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Over 20,000 line items offer 85% spare parts availability in South Sudan. Local stocks are backed up with computer links to suppliers’ parts depots and air freight routes. 

Exchange and manufacture programmes increase customer options. 

We have a number of capabilities to offer in terms of supporting our customers at our central parts store. This helps increase our day to day efficiency and the long term value of projects involving our equipment.

Engine Parts Kit
Ezentus is supporting the repair before failure logic in the Sudanese market by offering engine parts kit that will enable our customers to keep their equipment running with high performance through repair before failure leading to lower owning and operating cost.

Cat K series tooth system
The k series tooth system represents a new standard of performance for tip retention , easy change-outs and long term sharpness. A twist-on design and vertical retainer ensure reliable retention and easy reoval and installation.

CAT premium output batteries are designed to survive the toughest abuse and are built to perform in the harshest environments. They offer reliable starting power and long life in all climates and applications.

Drive Train
Caterpillar builds the best drive train parts on the market and we work with you to achieve superior performance by offering excellent maintenance and repair options. The result is maximum productivity and lower cost.

Engine Parts
Caterpillar engine parts are designed and manufactured to work hard as a complete system and be rebuilt for the second time.

CAT filters are designed to work with CAT fluids in caterpillar engines and component systems to provide the highest levels of cleanliness and performance thus protecting your systems and lowering your costs.

Fluids NEW
CAT dealers deliver high quality fluids that improve the performance and extend the life of your equipment. Ezentus offers the full range of Oils meets Caterpillar oils specifactions (Diesel Engine Oil, Transmission Drive Train Oil, Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Final Drive and Axle Oil as well as Caterpillar Extended Life Coolant ELC and Greases.

CAT hardware meets the highest industry standards for hardness and durability, plus CAT hardware finishes are matched to the job.

CAT is committed to designing and manufacturing superior hydraulic components and excelling in the areas of hydraulic system management and service.

Test after test conducted by any independent laboratory has proven CAT undercarriage components exceed all other for consistent steel quality, surface hardness, hardened depth, and other performance factors.

OEM Sales
Caterpillar has components that can help original component manufacturers (OEMs) build products faster, at lower costs, and with optimum quality.

Remanufactured Parts
Caterpillar has remanufactured parts of superior quality. The only difference between new and remanufactured CAT parts is the cost. Remanufactured parts often cost 30 to 70 percent less than new parts.

Cat Classic Parts
Cat Classic™ Parts are lower-cost, genuine Cat parts offered for older Caterpillar equipment. They're not a new brand, a short-term program, or a "will-fit" or aftermarket solution, but another repair option to complement quality original, Cat Reman, dealer exchange, and used parts. Cat Classic Parts help you manage your owning and operating costs as the age, usage, condition or remaining value of your older Cat equipment create the demand for a more economical repair option.